Sunday, January 12, 2014

I LOVE RockNPole: Fitness AND Fun

Graphic: RaraSilhouettes

My sister Lori has had the coolest business since 2009, The ORIGINAL RockNPole
It is a FITNESS business utilizing Pole, Music and FUN!

RNP has evolved from 2009 being a 2 pole, in-home business to her recent expansion in 2013 into a 6 pole fully functional studio space in a commercial location in Barrie, Ontario, Canada
Above Image: Eric Chappell
The most frustrating thing to me while watching her journey has been the misconception, misinformation and stigma that surrounds Pole Fitness. Her biggest task is EDUCATION and INSPIRATION. The public needs to be educated on what Pole Fitness really IS and be inspired to give it a try!

RockNPole IS NOT:
*It is NOT Stripping
*IT is NOT Sex
*You are NOT Naked
*You do NOT have to be fit/thin to start to train.

*Fitness - Building Muscle Tone, Strength and Flexibility
*Empowering - Building Self Esteem and Confidence
*Inclusive to ALL - No matter who you are you CAN Rock the Pole

Who can Rock The Pole? Any woman or man, any shape or size willing to step outside their comfort zone and give it  try.

The most unique part of RockNPole are the Pole Parties.
RNP brings the pole to YOU. The ultimate girls night in and perfect for ANY celebration! 
Check out this informational video:
I've had TWO Parties and LOVED IT! 
When I tried it alone with my sister as trainer I could not get over how difficult it really is and how challenged I was. I also have a pole in my home to practice and train. I wish I was closer so I could train at the RNP studio.
RockNPole offers classes at all skill levels, one-on-one private lessons AND in home or in studio Pole Parties!

Lori has AMAZING Merchandise too; T-shirts, Shorts, Shoes and everything you would possibly need to reach your pole potential (merchandise coming SOON to the RNP website)

My FAV Piece:
HERE is the  Class List/Description and Schedule

 Will you give it a try? 
Not local to Barrie, Ontario? No problem. Find a reputable pole fitness studio in your area and give it a try!



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    I was not asked to give permission for the use of this image in your blog post.

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    I have sent a message to Lori Graystone as well. I am asking this out of kindness and respect.

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    Jane Wilson
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  2. Hi Jane,

    I actually added credit and a link to the artist less than 24hours after it was posted, prior to seeing this comment. I have actually decided to remove the image after reading your comment, with kindness and respect.

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