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Q&A with Terri Garber: North and South

Terri Garber as Ashton Main (North and South BookII)

One of the MAIN characters in North and South was Ashton Main; the evil little sister to Orry (Patrick Swayze) and older sister to Brett (Genie Francis).
Actress Terri Garber was one of the characters you loved to hate, yet at times you could not help but feel empathetic to her. She was strong, self serving and manipulative. She would seductively stop at nothing until she got what she wanted. But as in life her character had to eventually atone for all the things she had done.
I personally thought Terri Garber deserved an Emmy for her portrayal of this sassy southern bell.  
Ashton also had the BEST wardrobe of all the cast in my humble PROFashional opinion too. What a gal wouldn't do to get in that fantasy closet.
I caught up with Terri recently to take a trip down mini-series memory lane.

LG: Costumes - Can you explain the costuming process for NAS (North and South)? Were all the costumes designed for "Ashton" before hand? or did you have input into them? Who was the costumer/designer? 

TG: The basic costumes were done when we went into fittings then they added little things here and there while we were having them fitted.  We didn't have a say about what we did and did not like nor would I try to assume that stance.  The costumers were the best and I couldn't have been more pleased with what they created.  Chuck McClain, one of the exec. Producers, was in on the fittings and he would give his comments.  I trusted him implicitly so I knew I was going to look the part.
LG: Did you get to retain any of the costumes? (I saw one of Ashton's costumes recently sold ) Do you know where they are now?

TG: The only thing I kept was the beautiful little purple hat that Ashton wore when she went back to Mont Royal to show off.  Sadly, I don't know where it is right now.  
I have no idea what happened to the costumes since they were part of Western Costumes in Hollywood and they closed down several years ago.  I assume another costume house or Warner Bros. Has them.
LG: What was your favorite costume or costumes and why?

TG: There were so many beautiful costumes it would be dissimulation to choose from.  I loved the bright red one that Ashton wore with James to a ball.  The color and fit were perfect. 
I also loved a pink and white striped one because it was so demure and obviously worn to entice someone.  I could go on and on.

LG: Any fun stories the fans may enjoy from set? or can you share a find memory?

TG: In the south, there are these bugs nicknamed No-see-ums.  They were hard to see and loved to get into our wigs and costumes. Between each take we would take out a long teasing comb and dig it into our heads or bodices and poke away. 
LG: Are you surprised with NAS continued success and longevity?

TG: I'm not surprised the show has longevity.  I mean that was one hellav a cast.  The best of the best.  I mean, I actually got to meet Jimmy Stewart.  How cool is that?
Jimmy Stuart in NAS Book II

LG:  Would you be interested in participating in the new production?

TG: There is the part of Madame Conti that Elizabeth Taylor played in the original that interests me to play in the remake.  How perfect would that be???
Elizabeth Taylor as Madame Conti

LG: What have you been up to since the NAS days?

TG: NAS was a long time ago and thankfully, I've mostly been employed in the acting field.  I recently moved and got married so life continues to be wonderful and I'm so thankful.

Terri resides in Florida where she is still a working actress and 'tartist'. 
Check out her baked goods HERE
Terri pictured with her husband and daughter.

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